Dandelion Wine For A Year

Fall swooned
Left me drunk in a field
Dandelion wine for a year

And I packed up the dust
Of all that I owned
Handkerchief hung from a pole

I rolled out the day that the apples fell…


SWDS cuties


Hair: *~*Damselfly*~* – Lena (Hairology 2nd Anniversary Gift)

Eyeshadow: Avada – Autumn Fantasy @SWANK

Lipstick: ALMA Makeup – Fall @SWANK

Sweater: Entice – Ireland’s Call Sweater @Designer Showcase

Skirt: Entice – Ireland’s Call Skirt @Designer Showcase

Boots: Entice – Ireland’s Call Boots @Designer Showcase

Hat: ICONIC – Felt Hat (Hairology 2nd Anniversary Gift)

Pose: GLITTER Poses – Sit Serie 4 @SWANK


Hanna ☾ Luna



Swinging In The Backyard …

Swinging in the backyard
Pull up in your fast car
Whistling my name
Open up a beer
And you say, “Get over here
And play a video game.”



Hair: *TKW* – Delrio (Hairology 2nd Anniversary Gift)

Eyes: P O E M A – Penelope Eyes – Pack 02 Nº 6 @SWANK

Eyeshadow: ::DS:: – Pretty Eyeshadow @Designer Showcase

Lipstick: ::DS:: – Pretty Lipstick @Designer Showcase

Headpiece: !IT! – Falling For Fall Headpiece Nº2 @SWANK

Jewelry: [Modern.Couture] Jewelry – Risaka in Gold

Gown: Virtual Diva – Hope Gown @SWANK



Hanna ☾ Luna


Recurring Visions Of Such Sweet Days

And when you go away, I still see you
The sunlight on your face in my rearview
This always happens to me this way
Recurring visions of such sweet days




Hair: Clawtooth – Date Night

Eyeshadow: WarPaint – Tallulah Eyeshadow

Lipstick: ALMA Makeup – Fall @SWANK

Nails: IP Nails – Touch of Autumn @SWANK

Earrings: [Since1975] – Kindred Earrings (Old Group Gift)

Necklace: *PINK HUSTLER* – Knit Choker (Hairology 2nd Anniversary Gift)

Outfit + Boots: Finale Couture – Sonoma in Tan @Designer Showcase

Furniture: [MW] – Hunters Charm Bedroom Set @SWANK

Pose: [EH] – Jamie Poses Nº1

House: [ba] – Tabor Cottage


Hanna ☾ Luna

Autumn Leaves Under Frozen Souls

Autumn leaves under frozen souls,
Hungry hands turning soft and old.
My hero cried as we stood out there in the cold,
Like these autumn leaves I don’t have nothing to hold.



irrISIStible is a master when it comes to seasonal outfits. If you’re looking for crazy, gorgeous, totally out there clothes, this is for you. The “Autumn Goddess” is a fabulous gown adorned with fall colors and flowers. It also comes with a headpiece. Are you a role-playing beauty or just like to make a scene? Go get yours at SWANK!



Hanna ☾ Luna

I Waited For You In The Spot You Said To Wait

I waited for you
In the spot you said to wait
In the city, on a park bench
In the middle of the pouring rain
‘Cause I adored you
I just wanted things to be the same
You said to meet me out there tomorrow
But tomorrow never came
Tomorrow never came





Hairbase: Avada – Jerrika Hairbase @Designer Showcase

Hair: Besom – Just Friends in Browns

Eyes: P O E M A – Penelope Eyes – Pack 01 Nº4 @SWANK

Eyeshadow: Bossie – Summer Nites Eyeshadows

Lipstick: +abigailia+ – Matte Lippies

Nails: CAZIMI Nails – Flair Black Tipped @Designer Showcase

Jewelry: [HJ] – Autumn Leaves @SWANK

Clothes: Perch – Nalani Jumpsuit @Designer Showcase

Dog: Dreamland Designs -Throw Pillows With Sleeping Corgi @SWANK

Pose: AUTHENTIC Poses – La Carpa 04


Hanna ☾ Luna

Running In The Dark To Find East Of Eden

Call me wild, drinking up the sunshine
Be my man and show me what it feels like
Denim sky unbuttoned down the middle
Spilling out little by little
Tiger on the prowl
East of Eden
Coming for you now

Keep me from the cages under the control
Running in the dark to find East of Eden

SW White lingerie


Hair: Moon. Hair – Stardust – Threads (Group Lucky Board)

Eyes: P O E M A – Penelope Eyes – Pack 02: Nº 8 @SWANK

Eyeshadow: NOX – Umbra Shadow

Lipstick: LIVIA – Sultry Shine Gloss [CATWA]

Septum: MONS – Nose Jewels (style3) in Silver

Lingerie: .:(CW):. – Samy Lingerie Applier in White @ XXX Event (Opens 15th Nov)

Headdress: Pure Poison – Natalia Headdress in White

Jewelry: J&W Jewelers – Charming Collection White in Pearl and Silver

Pose:  The Owl – Single Poses. Pack #4.4



Hanna ☾ Luna

You’ve Been Gone So Long, You Missed Everything

Dive in, dive deep and in dark blue my sweet
Brushing up from the water where the ice meets
And you’ve been gone so long, you missed everything
The world can change in a day if you go away
But nothing could stop the two of us
If that’s what we want, we could just get lost

It will be our swan song…



Hair: Vanity Hair – Love After War in Whites

Eyes: Delizio – Red Abyss Eyes

Eyeshadow: {Frick} – Nemesis Eye Makeup

Lipstick: *Booty’s Beauty* – Color Fetish Lipstick ~ Back in Black (Catwa)

Outfit + Tiara: Virtual Diva – Black Swan Couture @Mainstore

Halo: ERSCH – Die Sonne in Silver

Necklace: *MIRUS* – Heart Beat Mesh Necklace


Hanna ☾ Luna

I Lived A Lot Of Different Lives

I lived a lot of different lives
Been different people many times
I lived my life in bitterness
And filled my heart with emptiness

And now I see, I see you for the first time
There is no crime in being kind
Not everyone is out to screw you over
Maybe yeah, just maybe they just want to get to know ya


Halloween is tomorrow, so are you ready??  Don’t worry, I got ya! Here I’m showing you irrISIStible‘s “Halloween Frankenstein” outfit for women (yes, there’s one for guys too!).   It’s such an amazing outfit/costume, cause it’s so complete! It comes with everything that’s pictured: clothes and shawl with HUD for different colors, skin and even the hair! What more could you want?

Get t exclusively at SWANK


Hanna ☾ Luna

Have You Had Any Dreams About Me In A While?

Have you had any dreams about me in a while?
Does it hurt you too much to forget what you loved
What used to make you smile?
Do the clouds in my head silhouette what I need?
Or am I stuck in a haze of the memories engraved on the pieces I’ll never read?




There’s still plenty of time to get you Halloween costumes ready for the parties. And Celestina’s Weddings sure provide! Celestina’s has quite the beautiful collection all named  after Lady Gaga’s songs. This one I’m showing here is “Born This Way”.

Head over to SWANK to check out the rest of the beautiful outfits


Eyes: -SU!- Nahmere Eyes in Mourn

Eyeshadow: [POUT!] – Stellar Make Up

Lipstick: ALMA Makeup – Bloody @SWANK

Hair: Exile – Tommy & Gina (Gift!)

Choker: Luminesse – Lisben Falimi Choker Set @SWANK

Outfit: .:(CW):. – Born This Way @SWANK


Hanna ☾ Luna

And Let’s Go Back To The Basics

Everybody‘s sayin’ that,
You’re not good for me.
Your friends all swear,
That you’ve changed but,
I still keep it O.G.
This tune could be a reminder,
Of how it all used to be.
So shut up, and come on,
Sing our song.

And let’s go back to the basics, baby.
When you’re not wasted,
I know you’ll see.

SWANKDS111 copy


Hair: [NYNE] – Ferrida Hair (Group Gift#019)

Eyeshadow: WarPaint – Tallulah Eyeshadow

Lipstick: LIVIA – Sultry Shine Gloss [CATWA]

Nails: Moondance Boutique – Sparkel & Shine Nails @Designer Showcase

Jewelry: Moondance Jewels  @Designer Showcase

Dress: ::: WILD ::: Fashion – Creepy Girl Dress @SWANK

Pose: AUTHENTIC Poses – La Carpa 03

Backdrop: [ isuka ] – Get Out Backdrop


Hanna ☾ Luna