About Me

My name is Hannah Luna Naimarc, also known as Luna Lightwood. I’m a Professional Runway, Print and Live Model. I’ve been modeling since 2009, but only recently, in 2014-2015 I got my big break in the modeling world. It is a tough business.

I’ve modeled for big names like Mohna Lisa Couture, Lionskins, Cstar Skins, amongst others. I’ve been represented by L.A. Modelling Agency, JSE Model Agency, MODA ITALIA Agency, Maritima Model Agency, Catalyst of Fantasy Model Agency, LaRouge Model Agency and Suicide Centerfolds Models.

I’m currently represented by L’Amour Productions Model Agency, Audace Siren Model Agency, Mahasiah Model Agency and BLVD Fashion House. Also modeling for amazing brands like Ghee, White Room Couture, Glam Dreams and Virtual Diva.

I’m currently Miss Virtual ♛ Chile 2016 , Miss Virtual Diva 2016 and Fantasy Angel.


Follow me on Flickr: https://www.flickr.com/photos/133242264@N03/

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