Met You In Front Of The Diner

Met you in front of the diner and you had blue hair
You were so nice
You were from L.A. but you were all there
You were all right

So many people say that they have it together
But I think you’re a nice guy
And I think we could be birds of a feather


SWANK‘s August round is all about retro magic. And Celestina’s Weddings is fulfilling all your vintage dreams. For this round they have the most AMAZING “50’s Diner set” I’ve ever seen, full with road, trees and vintage cars on the outside and lovely delicious food and details on the inside.  You can also find the cutest “Vintage Waitress” outfit full with roller skates, tray with food and a name tag for your new name “Betty”. If you’re a sim builder or love to roleplay, you have to get this asap!!


Taxi to SWANK



Hanna ☾ Luna


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