Sunlight, Sunshine, All For You My Daisy

I picked you up and lifted your wilted frame into the sun.
I was taken back, yeah I was taken back,
And by the time I caught my breath,
You had blossomed into something that I did not expect.

And if it takes all night,
I swear I’ll wait,
For you,

Sunlight, sunshine,
All for you my daisy.
We’re getting this before you leave,
All for you my daisy.


I’m very proud to say I’m a new blogger for *Elise* brand. They have some of the cutest accesories out there and I’m here to show you some of them. They have the Margherita collection, and as the name says it, it’s all about daisies. How lovely is that? On my picture I’m showing you two items, the Margherita Headphones and Margherita Sunglasses. They come with a HUD to fully customize them to your liking.

*elise* Mainstore

*elise* Marketplace

*elise* Website

*elise* Flickr



Hanna ☾ Luna


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