SWANK December 02: I Believe In Us This Holiday

I’ve been looking out my window
Watch the snow fall on the ground
The red and green from Christmas lights hanging around town
And I wish that you could see what I’m seeing too.

I’ve been good this year
The only thing I want is you to be here
All my gifts can wait
I don’t believe in Santa Claus
But I believe in us this holiday



Sometimes you come across a designer that just wows you. This is the case with IrrISIStible. For SWANK December round, she has 2 amazing items. I’m showing you here on of them. Incredibly creative, this gorgeous Christmas tree gown is everything! Attention to every detail on the skirt from the lights to the bows, a golden corset and a little arrangement on the chest. It also comes with a Christmas tree hat.

Get the “Magic Christmas” gown only at SWANK

P.S. Make sure to check the brand’s other design, “Christmas Bakery” available at @SWANK


Hanna ☾ Luna

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