Designer Showcase: You’ve Got Everything Going For You, So I’ll Go For You With Everything I Got.

It’s a drunken midnight on the streets,
Brightly dusted with a neon light.
We duck behind the corner store,
Smoke your smokes while I keep
A watchful eye.
Right here, right now.
I hope before the night is through
One fumbled touch will finally hit the spot.
You’ve got everything going for you,
So I’ll go for you with everything I got.
Right here, the best days of our lives.
Is this coincidence or a sign?

Is there anything I missed?
Is there anything I missed?
Tell me if I’m wrong,
But why would we change a thing?


I’ve been working so hard these past months that I deserved a nice break. I went to the park with bae and we talked and laughed and we watched the sunset together. It’s everything I needed!! In this picture I’m showing you a little intimate moment with the help of  IE “Love Everlasting” V3 pose, and wearing my  FurtaCor “Ashley Shirt” that is a blouse with a sleeveless sweater on top and comes with a HUD to change the sweater and blouse colors giving you endless combinations. It gives “Clueless” vibes and I loved it.

Get these two exclusive  items only at Designer Showcase


Hanna ☾ Luna


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