Looking For A Little Light To Illuminate

Looking for a little light to illuminate
The truth in the stillness after everything is blown away
Life fades in the cuts and the struggles
I just need a light at the end of the tunnel

Look up
Do the lines on your face cut a little bit deeper
I know you’re not feeling very young
So tired
Stuck in the place and you don’t wanna be here
I know
Voices call you in the night
Come away! Come away!

Just looking for a little light to illuminate


Hi everyone! This is a very special post. It’s all about “One Little Light” Event, part of the “MVL Take My Hand Project”, organized by “Miss Virtual Latinoamerica” Organization. This event will open in October 2nd until the 8th at 2 PM slt.

This event is focused on benefiting the “Unción de Dios” Foundation in Venezuela. Today there are many homeless children that need a little light in their lives, so you’re invited to help this cause and show your support.

Be a part of the amazing fashion show that will take place to open the event, shop ’til you drop and help raise money for children in need.


One of the amazing brands that is contributing to this runway show and event is Virtual Diva. Angy Kristan is one to always be there for a good cause and because of that, she’s made this exclusive design for the event. This is the “Shining Dress” and the perfectly matched hat/headdress. Get them only at “One Little Light” Event.

See you there!!!


Hanna ☾ Luna


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