Long Live The Reckless And The Brave

Looking out at a town called Suburbia
Everybody’s just fighting to fit in
Little rats running mazes, having babies
It’s a vicious little world that we live in
Looking back at a life on the other side
I realize that I didn’t fit in
Didn’t hate it but I didn’t quite relate it
To my precious little world

So long live the reckless and the brave
I don’t think I want to be saved
My song has not been sung

And long live the fast times, so come what may
I don’t think I’ll ever be saved
Our song has not been sung
Long live us


A quick picture when you’re casually walking to your corner store to get your fix on Magazines and pretty flowers, being escorted by the town’s pets.


Hair: Blues – Layne (Hair Fair 2016 Gift)

Dress: Eaters Coma – Dress w/ Waist Tied Shirt in Black

Sunglasses: MINIMAL – Fun Glasses *6*

Socks: .:C:. – Black Socks w. White Stripes

Shoes: Reign – Pattern Amala Wedges – Fatpack

Flowers: [high v.] – Regula Degula Flowers in Purple

Cow 1: Striped Mocha – Baby Indian Cow in White

Cow 2: Striped Mocha – Baby Indian Cow in Brown

Pose: BellePoses – Magazine – 3


Hanna ☾ Luna