Hanna Luna: I Stand For Peace


The White Canvas Gallery Presents an Open Challenge

“I Stand For Peace”

The White Canvas Gallery presents an open challenge to enable you to stand united for peace. Lets disown the mindless violence around us and lets DO something about it as artists. Rules of this challenge are pretty simple.


1. Post one pic on your flickr stream with this theme in mind. All creative decisions are yours. You can post more if you like, no ones gonna shoot you *grins*.

2. Nominate at least 3 other of your friends to post a pic with this theme. Tag them on the pic if you like.

3. All pics done for this challenge can be posted to this group.


4. Please add the text below the line in your description of your picture so that anyone who wants to know the theme and refer to rules can come back here.

5. If anyone not tagged here wants to do this challenge, tag yourself here and do it :).


My Nominees:


Indigo Avonside

Emo Cactus

Inventory Mess

Amity Sorbet


Rules of the challenge (go to this link): www.flickr.com/photos/goodcross/28068142260/in/dateposted/


PLASTIX – Angelic gown (White)

{Letituier} Circus Hair @Hair Fair

Pink Acid – Angels & Pearls Halo Crown in Silver

Lazuri – Celeste Heirloom – Color Set 1 (Light Gems)

::SG:: – Pearls Mesh&Makeup

Veechi – Crying Glitter Makeup

[LB Lips] – Tyrea Set 5 for Lelutka

-Lalochezia- After the Storm Pose Set  nº5

{Rose & Thorn} Poses  – Peace & Hope (dove props used)

Color Alchemists – Dreamfield with Pearls


Hanna ☾ Luna


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