SWANK 05: I’ll Walk With The Phantoms Of The Sea

I’ve been sinking through deep seas
Oh what a place to call home
The current sings a ghostly tune
Oh what a place to call home
And I’ll walk with the phantoms of the sea
Listen to the whispers until somehow I hear melodies
Oh what a place to call home


SWANK is almost over for this July summer beach round. But there’s still a couple of days left. I’ve been enjoying the beach lately and as some of you might know, I’m a huge vintage pinup fan, so I wore my Vips Creations brand new one piece sailor inspired swimsuit. I made friends with a baby walrus and some fishies, and we played in the ocean.  There ain’t nothing better. This sailor swimsuit comes with the little sailor hat, sandals and sunglasses. It’s a complete outfit!!

Get it before it’s gone!


Hair: Ingenue -Boogie Woogie

Sailor Outfit: [Vips Creations] – Female Sailor Swim Suit[4] in [Pearl] @ SWANK

Nails: IP Nails – Sailor Set @ SWANK

Earrings: (Yummy) Double Heart Studs in Diamond

Tattoo: Glitch – Foam Tattoo @ SWANK

Fishes: *Figment* – Mr. Fishies (Goldie & Narwhal)

Walrus: +Half-Deer+ – Winter Sea Pups – Walrus 1


Hanna ☾ Luna

Hanna Luna: I Stand For Peace


The White Canvas Gallery Presents an Open Challenge

“I Stand For Peace”

The White Canvas Gallery presents an open challenge to enable you to stand united for peace. Lets disown the mindless violence around us and lets DO something about it as artists. Rules of this challenge are pretty simple.


1. Post one pic on your flickr stream with this theme in mind. All creative decisions are yours. You can post more if you like, no ones gonna shoot you *grins*.

2. Nominate at least 3 other of your friends to post a pic with this theme. Tag them on the pic if you like.

3. All pics done for this challenge can be posted to this group.


4. Please add the text below the line in your description of your picture so that anyone who wants to know the theme and refer to rules can come back here.

5. If anyone not tagged here wants to do this challenge, tag yourself here and do it :).


My Nominees:


Indigo Avonside

Emo Cactus

Inventory Mess

Amity Sorbet


Rules of the challenge (go to this link): www.flickr.com/photos/goodcross/28068142260/in/dateposted/


PLASTIX – Angelic gown (White)

{Letituier} Circus Hair @Hair Fair

Pink Acid – Angels & Pearls Halo Crown in Silver

Lazuri – Celeste Heirloom – Color Set 1 (Light Gems)

::SG:: – Pearls Mesh&Makeup

Veechi – Crying Glitter Makeup

[LB Lips] – Tyrea Set 5 for Lelutka

-Lalochezia- After the Storm Pose Set  nº5

{Rose & Thorn} Poses  – Peace & Hope (dove props used)

Color Alchemists – Dreamfield with Pearls


Hanna ☾ Luna

SWANK 04: I’m Gonna Soak Up The Sun

I’m gonna soak up the sun
Gonna tell everyone
To lighten up

I’m gonna soak up the sun
While it’s still free
I’m gonna soak up the sun
Before it goes out on me
Don’t have no master suite
I’m still the king of me
You have a fancy ride, but baby
I’m the one who has the key


I went to my beach hideout to get away from the busy city life. And I wanted to show you all what it looks like. I decorated it with items from the lovely Park Place set, aKa crates to give it an even bigger beach feel, Dreamland Designs seagull beach post and other random decor. It’s very simple but so so cozy. I wore my amazing Jumo dress, bag and jewelry cause it’s so breezy and relaxed but keeping it chic as always. Get these items only at SWANK !


Hair: No.Match – NO ICETEA ~ Pack of BROWNS @Hair Fair

Dress and Bag: .:JUMO:. – Lillia Dress + Bag Fiesta @ SWANK

Jewelry: .:JUMO:. – Lillia Jewelry Fiesta @ SWANK

Chair: [Park Place] Blue Swirl Sand Chair @ SWANK

Lounge: [Park Place] Hanging Beach Lounge – Single @ SWANK

Post: Dreamland Designs – Katwijk Sea Gull Pole @ SWANK

Crate: -aKa- On the Beach Long crate in Teal @ SWANK

Crate Seat: -aKa- On the beach Stool crate 2 in Teal @ SWANK

Poster: Ariskea-  [ Porcelain]  Life Is Good at The Beach

Beach Towel: Dust Bunny – Beach Towel Tote in Floral

Bag: Dust Bunny – Beach Bag in Cream

Flowers: *_*C-Outlet*_* Mica Yellow Flowers


Hanna ☾ Luna

SWANK 03: Give Me Coffee, King-Sized Cup

Give me coffee, king-sized cup
Come on, kitty cat, fill her up
What’s your name, little buttercup?
That’s for me to know and you to make up

SWANK CulcoJewels

A blogger like me loves her coffee hot. Already on first name basis, the Starbucks around the corner from my house is my second home. So I went to get me a Grande and I happened to be wearing the brand new “Corset Dress” by Culco that is just fabulous with its pretty lace details on the top and my IT! “Precious Bond” jewelry set in pretty pink. When you blog, you just can’t let an outfit like this go to waste, so you snap a pic at Starbucks 😀


Hair: [e] – Libby in Exclusives (SLHB13 Gift)

Jewelry: !IT! – Precious Bond Set 2 @ SWANK

Rings: Candy Crunchers – Laura Rings w/ HUD

Dress: -Culco- Corset Dress in Black @ SWANK

Bag: Ninety – Lipstick Pink Bag

Headband: Ninety – Head Band Bow (Gift)

Nails: #adored – Street Smart Nails {Maitreya}



Hanna ☾ Luna

Designer Showcase: So We Dance All Night …

Take a seat, I’ll tell you how I’m feeling
Take a seat, I’ll break that little heart
Make a scene and bite the hand that’s feeding
It takes an end to know just where to start

The story goes
That I never learned to listen right
But I know that the only pleasure here was mine

So we dance all night
Yeah we’ll be free before the morning light
Singing, I wanna know, I wanna know it all

DS Entice

I have a question for you. Do you like to stand out in a crowd, and to have all eyes on you? Do you like being unique? I know i do ;-). I wore my More Than Ever “Urban Ballet” dress the other day with my brand new Moondance “Vera”set, and I felt gorgeous! It’s a beautiful ballerina inspired dress that you can dress up or down. I wore it with heels because duh, but you could wear this with some cool hi-tops or chucks and change the whole look. To add to my more classic look, this amazing jewelry set from Moondance will have you hypnotized, it comes many options of rings and earrings, necklace and bracelets and you can change their color with just one click. Get everything you see here asap!


Hair: Exile:: – Serenade 5 Color Naturals Pack

Jewelry: Moondance – Jewels Vera Full Jewelry Set @ Designer Showcase

Dress: More Than Ever – Urban Ballet Dress @ Designer Showcase

Shoes: #EMPIRE – Marigold


Hanna ☾ Luna

SWANK July 02: Bermuda, Bahama, Come On Pretty Mama!

Aruba, Jamaica, oh I want to take ya
Bermuda, Bahama, come on pretty mama
Key Largo, Montego, baby why don’t we go…
….Off the Florida Keys, there’s a place called Kokomo
That’s where you want to go to get away from it all
Bodies in the sand, tropical drink melting in your hand
We’ll be falling in love to the rhythm of a steel drum band
Down in Kokomo


More SWANK this time. I went to the beach the other day, and I wanted to look chic and glamorous. So I wore my Virtual Diva Habanna one piece that has a flower detail on the hip and comes with a hat, cause it doesn’t matter its a beach, wearing hats is in! And since we’re on that note, I also wore my Luminesse jewelry, cause the ocean water won’t prevent you from wearing some sparkle. Get this items at SWANK now!!


Swimsuit and Hat: Virtual Diva – Habanna Swimsuit in White Mix @ SWANK

Jewelry: Luminesse – Benzara Lyra Set @ SWANK

Hair: {Letituier} – Lilith Hair

Drink: Elle Mode – Coconut Drink


Hanna ☾ Luna

Designer Showcase: The Girl That Came With The Sunrise

You were the girl that came with the sunrise;
Long, brown hair and emerald eyes.
And now, I can’t think of a day without you.
I’ve been saving my soul for someone like you.

So, let’s love while we’re young.
So, let’s love before we’ve even begun.
Oh, darling, we’ll be fine.
So, let’s love while we’re young.




Hair: !Oleander ~ – Catallena. in Essential Tones

Headpiece: *LODE* Head Accessory – Bellflower Crown [white] @ Chapter 4

Outfit: {BLB} Amaryllis Short Set in Buttercup @ Designer Showcase

Shoes: -KC- Nenya Heels @ Designer Showcase


Hanna ☾ Luna

SWANK July 01: Living a Dream with Sand in your Shoes

We fell in love
With the windows rolled down
Chasing the sunset
Through another empty town
Your hair was a mess
When you would dance on the coast
Your silhouette
Like some heavenly ghost

When you’re only eighteen
And you have nothing to lose
And you’re living a dream
With the sand in your shoes
You said falling in love is easy
It’s easy to do


SWANK is in full this July with a summer theme beach theme. And I fell in love with PurpleMoon‘s “Cassidy” jacket so I thought I’d give it a whole post for it. I wore it to my latest beach escape with my bae. Of course he managed to take this picture of us in the most Tumblr style possible! You can see this gorgeous jacket from behind with the words “Always kiss your cowgirl goodnight”, and it was so on point cause you know, boy is a real western cowboy and all.  I wore it with my swimsuit under to frolic in the ocean waves. This jacket is available in a variety of colors, and it features fringe on the front and comes with a cute crop top that you can take off.  Hey,  let me tell you, you MUST get this in at least 3 colors, black, white and brown, boho’s holy triad.


Hair: Tableau Vivant – Editorial Southern Wind in Browns

Jacket: :: PM :: – Cassidy Jacket @ SWANK

Swimsuit: Paper.Arrow – Bikini.Cheekies in Coral @ SummerFest

John’s Hat: High Quality Sculpted Cowboy Hat (Brown 2)

Pose: !bang – #followmeto



Hanna ☾ Luna

Designer Showcase: She’s a blackhearted Diva with a poisonous Kiss

She’s a blackhearted diva
With a poisonous kiss,
But you’ll never regret her.
She looks like an angel
But she hurts like a bitch,
And you’ll never forget her.

Come on, come on, come on
You’re gonna lose your way,
She’s gonna make you stay.
Come on, come on, come on
You gotta know her name,
You know you can’t escape.

DS Swimsuit

This is my first post for the July round of Designer Showcase! And when I saw this bodysuit I knew I had to blog it. It’s made by FurtaCor and it comes with a HUD in a great selection of colors and textures but of course I picked the black one cause, duh!

I’m also wearing my Baubles! jewelry set that I find so very chic, my fave is the black with gold metal combination but it also comes with a HUD to change metals. It’s perfect with any outfit.

Run over to Designer Showcase and get some goodies for yourself, you’ve been a good girl this week, haven’t you? 😉


Hair: MURRAY- Catherine in Dark Brown 03 (Gift @ Marketplace)

Face Jewelry: titzuki – Rangda Face Jewels @ The Crystal Heart Fair

Jewelry: Baubles! by Phe – FraySet @ Designer Showcase

Bodysuit: FurtaCor* – Liah Bodysuit @ Designer Showcase

Boots: :: PM :: – Croco Boots in Black

Prop: RAMA – #selfie – RAMA Coast Street

Pose: titzuki – desert rave 11. reach


Hanna ☾ Luna

I Look Out My Window

I look out my window
Just to see her arrive
but she’ll be gone

Just as soon as I open my eyes

And is this a dream
That I’m having
Oh, it all seems so real
Cause she’ll be gone
Just as soon as I open my eyes


This blog post is dedicated to a new store named .:: Jouvance ::.  It’s owned by Gothy Aristrocrat. It’s only available at MarketPlace for now, and has mostly casual and semi formal clothes. One of my favorites is the Lore jumpsuit, showed above in black. It’s as casual as you want it or as elegant as you wish, it all depends on how you accessorize. I wore it with a cute bandana and casual necklace to give it a modern young look. The jumpsuit is made in mesh and comes with a wide belt on the hips, and features a lovely back cleavage that’s just sexy.

.:: Jouvance ::. Marketplace


Hair: [RA] – Waterfall Hair in Essential

Headband: Asteria – “Stela” Bandana in Red

Necklace: !IT! – Serenity Necklace

Lipstick: ::White Queen:: – Kiss Me Lipstick

Jumpsuit: .:: Jouvance ::. – Lore in Black

Pose -L- The Beat Dies 1


Hanna ☾ Luna