SWANK May 01: Feat. Deche, Semi-Precious Jewelry & Wood Works

In my room just dancing up on the ceiling
My room can’t hold these walls
In my room I turn up
Blow out the windows
And I feel it all, yeah I feel it all
In my room I’m finally breathing
In my room I’m finding meaning
And I take it there
Cuz I know it’s where
I can feel it all


SWANK’s May round is here! And it’s beautiful. I have to let you all know that SWANK changed it’s location. They had to go bigger and better cause of it’s success so, mark and save this new LM, asap!

SWANK Events

Now onto the goodies. I took a picture of myself  in my room, while I was getting ready for a date 0_o !  Don’t ask how it went, but do ask what I’m wearing 😉 . I wore Deche’s Suvi dress. This dress is available in many colors as per usual, and I paired it down with Deche”s Jeanne heels. For my bling, I wore Semi-Precious Jewelry’s “Taylor” set that comes in a nice purple color and has this bubbly look to it, so cute!

Finally, I decorated my room with Wood Work’s Daphne set, that comes with: bed, carpet, night table, oil lamp, dresser, wall art, vanity and vanity stool. The rest of the items you see here are solely used for decoration purposes. And yeah, my Husky babies were there chilling with me, listening to good tunes.


Dress – :…Deche…: – Suvi Dress in Pink @SWANK

Shoes – :…Deche…: – Jeanne Heels  in Purple @SWANK

Jewelry: Semi-Precious – Taylor @SWANK

Furniture: Wood Works – Daphne Set @SWANK

Hair: TRUTH –  Astrid in Browns

Dogs: xin. – Kolouk Husky gacha


Hanna ☾ Luna

2 thoughts on “SWANK May 01: Feat. Deche, Semi-Precious Jewelry & Wood Works

  1. Miss Hannah!
    Is it possible for Swankie boys to find this room and the gorgeous girl in it…? ( are asking my friends…)
    “In order to be irreplaceable one must always be different.” – Coco Chanel


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