Miss VIRTUAL DIVA 2016 Casting

You should have warned me
You were blood red
Oh you’re blood red baby
It came without warning
Now I’m wounded
You’re so ruthless darling
Once all the energy
Reversed the chemistry
Your blood it mixed with all the chemicals in your head
Now all you’re seeing is
Blood red

Miss VIRTUAL DIVA 2016 Body - Hannah Naimarc

Miss VIRTUAL DIVA 2016 Headshot- Hannah Naimarc

First of all, I want to say, thank you to Marpil Grafenwalder for inviting me to be a blogger for Virtual Diva!

And, I also decided to give the Miss Virtual Diva search a try. I know I said I wouldn’t do any more competitions for a while, but this one is short and sweet, so why not 🙂

And this is my competition entry and also my first blog for Virtual Diva.

I’m wearing the new “Breath Couture Suit” in Carmin along the “Club Jewelry Set” in Onyx sans the necklace that I will properly show in another post.

It’s a gorgeously textured pants with wide bottoms and a furry crop top. As you can see, perfect for a very fashion forward moment.

You can get them here >> Virtual Diva Mainstore


Hair Pic 1: Tableau Vivant – Editorial Southern Wind Hair in Browns

Hair Pic 2: Exile – Blown Away in Natural Fusion

Eyeshadow: < nova > – Loretta Eyeshadow { oo1 }

Lipstick: .:JUMO:. – Alexa Lips in Black

Outfit: Virtual Diva – Breath Couture Suit in Carmin

Jewelry: Virtual Diva – Club Jewelry Set in Onyx

Bracelets: .aisling. – Elyan  Bracelets in Gold

Pose: Lalochezia – Trees Pose Set – Trees1


Hanna ☾ Luna


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