In total darkness, I reach out and touch

Night is young and we’re living
Hands move, moving steady
And the time is moving slower
I can feel we’re getting closer, closer

Standing in the eye of the storm
My eyes start to roam
To the curl of your lips
In the center of eclipse
In total darkness I, I reach out and touch


I want to say, first and foremost, thank you to my lovely Evelia Verwood for inviting me to blog for her amazing pose store BAXE.

And onto the best part, the poses!

BAXE has a brand new set of poses, the “Nails Poses” set, where you get 12 poses made specially to show off your hands and nails AND it includes a complimentary nail applier HUD for Slink hands only. What a lovely surprise.

On my picture I’m playing with only a few of the amazing poses, so what are you waiting for?? Each pose is 50L but if you buy the “Promotion FatPack” you get the slink nail Applier HUD, everything for only 120L, a bargain!

BAXE Mainstore

BAXE Marketplace


BAXE Facebook

BAXE Pinterest



Hanna ☾ Luna


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