SWANK April 03: Feat. Keresma, Flippant & Moondance

Me encontré esa flor y te la quiero regalar
Cortada del jardín de mi interior
Para que la cuides y la riegues por favor
Con gotitas de amor
Tiene unas espinas pero es lindo su color
Y uno que otro pétalo perdió
Le gustan los abrazos y bañarse bajo el sol
Con gotitas de amor



Full of wonders, I got dressed in the comfiest maxi dress ever, the Spring maxi from Keresma to do some house chores, but before, I did my nails with Flippant‘s new nailpolish (available for Slink, Belleza and Maitreya). Always stylish. Went to run some errands and finally went outside my house to water the plants and flowers in my garden. But, what would I be without some fab bling? I wore the Moondance “Chloe” pastel jewelry that matched my outfit perfectly. A nice relaxed day at home in amazing clothes. Get yours only at:

>>> SWANK <<<


Keresma – Maxi dress – Spring @ SWANK

Moondance Jewels Chloe Pastel Jewelry Set @ SWANK

Flippant – Spring Fling Nail Appliers @ SWANK

Hair: Besom – Jackson in *Essentials*

Pose and Prop: **{NANTRA} – Watering (Free Gift@store)


Hanna Luna


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