MVL Lookbook Challenge: Gacha Items

Thunder and Lightning
Halo of Light
Mother of Dragons
Draco – Warrior
They call me – Spitfire

A phoenix from the ash, this is my destiny
My reign is forever, no way you can kill me
A battle I will wage, the dawn of this new age
My time has arrived, now feel my rage

MVL Gacha2

MVL Gacha

I’m back!

And i’m back with a new MVL Style Challenge x Lookbook.

I picked the Gacha challenge. To create a unique look only with gacha items, old and new!

For this I didn’t just pick 1 gacha set from the box. I mixed a few gacha items to create this look, inspired in the Mother of Dragons, Daenerys Targaryen. And this challenge got me very excited mainly because I’m a self proclaimed Gacha Queen/Addict.


Dress: Chambre Rose – SERSEI dress in black (March Designer Showcase, available at store)

Hair: MINA – Jildou – Grey (Past Gacha Garden Item, available at store)

Jewelry: Meva – Salmi Gold Set [separately]  @ Gacha Guardians

Headdress: Alchemy – Mother of Dragons Set – Dragon Headdress in Fire (Past Secret Affair Gacha Item, available at store)

Dragons: *HEXtraordinary* –  Faerie Dragon in Berry, Spring & Sky @ Gacha Guardians

Shoulder Dragon – *katat0nik* – (White) Dragon RARE (Past Arcade Gacha Item, available at store)

Hope you like it!


Hanna ☾ Luna


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