SWANK March 02: Feat.Loordes of London +Homebase

Your three thousand miles
From the place you once called home.
So much different,
You’re getting distant
And now I’m the only one whose all alone.


SWANK Furniture Loordes

This time I’m showing you Loordes of London‘s “The SL Retro Look” in green. It’s such a comfy look, specially to lounge home in a bun and enjoy some good reading and red wine. This retro look consists of a long blouse underneath and on top a cable knit sweater. I’m also wearing their “On Fleek Clogs” that I loooove and the “A Stone’s Throw” earrings!

As for the lovely furniture, Homebase did a fantastic job on the details! It comes with a big couch and 2 small ones, a center table and a small side table, with the goodies you see on top of them. It comes with an easy to set rezz box. This set is named “Irish Garden Set” to be used as a patio set but I think it looks just as great as a casual indoor living room set 🙂

So what are you waiting for?

Go shop NOW!!





Hanna ☾ Luna


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