Swank Post 03: Feat. Deche & Moonstar

Another post, another Swank gem!

This time brought to you by Deche.

It is the beautiful “Roos” Dress, worn by me in Crimson color.

It’s a very simple, clean and form fitting essential dress with lovely seams details in zig zags all over it. It’s also available in “Fire”, “Orange Red” and “Pink”. You can also find the “Hendrika” Heels also by Deche, that match this dress perfectly.


Also in this post, I wanted to show you some gorgeous jewelry by Moondance, the “Regan Jewelry & Nails”. In this picture I’m showing you the bracelet, necklace and earrings but the pack comes with 2 earring options (dangle and stud earrings), with rings and also with nails. I’ll show you the whole pack on another post.

Taxi:  SWANK

SWANK Social Media:



I hope you enjoyed this!

A lot more to come

Love and Besos

Hanna ☾ Luna



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