Blahlentine’s Day

Valentine’s day has never been a special day to me.

I show my loved ones that I love them every day.

Tired of seeing couples being all sugary and lovey everywhere? Tired of getting cheap chocolate boxes and generic teddy bears? So am I!

In honor of us, the ones who couldn’t care less about this one day of the year, and who’d rather eat pizza and watch a horror movie, this pic is for you!



Hanna Luna’s Stylecard

Hair: [e] Willa – Essentials

Headband: A&Ana F.J.–  White Pearl Headband

Dress: *Just BECAUSE* – Charisma Dress – Special Edition – Galaxy

Milkshake: peach / flowey’s original milkshake (WEAR ME!)

Aaron’s Stylecard

Hair: [BURLEY] – Benji

Beard: [DossiEr] – Beard V1

Sweater: :::LP::: – Stain Print Sweatshirt – Blue Ink @Monsieur Chic

Jeans: [monso] – My Ripped Jean in Black

Shoes: REIGNxFLITE- Devon Boots in Black (old Uber Item)

Rose: erratic – lsm – long stemmed rose in red

Pose: Vestige – Vampire M 9

*  Bubble: Boudoir – Cartoon Mesh Bubbles – I Love Her


Hanna ☾ Luna


One thought on “Blahlentine’s Day

  1. I love this, another great pic from you guys ❤
    And I agree with what you wrote here, although i still go for a chick flick on Vdays 🙂


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