Designer Showcase: We go together like the winter and a sweater

Another tasty post on these amazing Designer Showcase designs.

This time, I bring you Ana Markova and Entice.

I wanted to blog these two designs cause they are so very different and both just as cozy.

Ana Markova brings us these very stylish sweater dress named “Toyah”, available in 3 different colors. Here I’m showing you “Ecru”. Grab coffee with your friends or go shopping, you won’t go cold and will remain as chic as you know you are in this outfit. Also at Designer Showcase are Ana’s “Toyah” chain heels, in chocolate, taupe and rouge (I’m wearing rouge).


Now the second look i have for you is Entice’s “Cold as Ice” outfit and boots. A more sporty take on sweater weather, Cold as Ice consists of a parka vest with long sleeve turtle neck (with 3 different color options) and jeans in light grey, middle grey and black. The boots also come with a HUD to match your outfit. At Designer showcase you have 2 different packs to buy with many color options as well as boots packs. I felt so good in this outfit that I turned into a snow bunny and went snowboarding!


Hope you enjoyed my post and visit Designer Showcase for these beauties.


Hannah Luna


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