The last challenge: MVW Fash & Furious

Hanna criminal(1)

As some of you know, I was competing for the title of Miss Virtual World. I didn’t make the top 13 sadly. But other great things have come my way so no, I’m not sad 🙂 This was my last challenge styling, “Fash and Furious” based on the movie “The Fast & Furious”, mainly with a “criminal” theme. So this was my take on a chic fashionista criminal.

Background Story:
In the movie “Fast And Furious”, women are always very sexy, showing off their curves while staying strong and badass, so I got inspired by that darkness and sensuality of female criminals. I worked with a monochromatic scheme in mostly black and silver, suitable for midnight crime. A mix of fabrics from cotton, leather, mesh netting to chiffon gives the perfect dangerous look but also sumptuous and runway ready. As this is inspired in criminal activity, I decided to wear comfortable shoes to run from the law, but staying edgy while doing so, wearing high platform leather boots. It all comes together with more leather punk accessories for more edge and a delicate black veil hat to hide the eyes as to not get recognized by surveillance cameras. Hannah is a high class thief, and you can see that reflected in the see through handbag full of money she’s wearing. With this look, she’s able to run from the police in a very sexy chic style.

Shape: My own
Skin: .Birdy. – Ali VIP Skin – Pure – (Bare)
Hair: Adoness : Freya (Naturally)
Hairbase: Adoness Freya Shaved base A in Brown
Eyelashes: (Chemistry) – Long eyelashes
Eye Makeup: -Glam Affair- – Couture Eyeliner no.01
Earrings: -RYCA- – Ear Cuff Spike Silver
Collar: (Bowtique) – Spiked Collar (Silver)
Piercing: :Hebenon Vial: – Against the Stream [Metal]
Bodysuit: [ FAKESSI ] – Jane Black Bikini
Pants: MIA – Ashley Leather Pants and Belt
Coat: GizzA – Femme Fatale [Black]
Shoes: Blackburn – Platform Work Boots Unisex
Gloves: :: Miss Canning :: –  Akira Gloves
Hat: Cain – Tulle Veil Hat in Black
Handbag: Whitening Brune – 10,000 Yen Satu Bag in Yellow
Gun: Obscure – The Killer Colt (Silver)

I didn’t post it straight after the challenge. And then I really didn’t have the time to do it, but I decided the picture and styling is so good,it’s worth the wait !


Hannah Luna


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